We are able to create a custom catering menu to suit the needs of your meeting, party or event.  We can create custom cold wrap platters, hot Purrito platters, cold side dishes, large salads, desserts and more.  The options really are endless. The following are some of the most popular options that our catering customers choose.


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Cold Wraps

Cold wraps are priced per piece, and depend on the type of filling.   These hold up nicely in the refrigerator and are perfect if you are serving your guests several hours after picking up your order.  Some popular cold wraps that we do regularly are:


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  • Chicken Tuscan salad wrap – lettuce, chicken, provolone cheese, roasted red peppers and pesto aioli $7.99 each

  • Athens Salmon wrap – lettuce, cold grilled salmon filet, kalamata olives, feta cheese, tomato, cucumber with lemon Greek vinaigrette $10.50 each

  • Vegetarian Southwest wrap (vegan)  – lettuce, black beans, bell peppers, avocado, tomatoes, chipotle lime vinaigrette $5.99 each

  • Curry chicken salad – lettuce, curry chicken salad with slivered almonds and celery $7.99 each

  • OR we can customize wraps to meet your taste; the possibilities are endless!  We can do custom vegetarian or vegan menus.



Purritos make a great, hearty, hot option for catering.  We can do boxes of purritos in any of our protein options (chicken, smoked pork, beef all for $7.99 each or black beans for $5.99 each). We typically recommend serving these with the sauce on the side so that people can mix and match sauces.   We can do any variety of our sauces which are as follows:

 Rojo: tomato and roasted pepper based sauce; spicey but not super hot.

Verde: green tomatillo salsa, mild and tangy

Beale Street Barbecue: Sweet and tangy barbecue

Saigon sauce: sweet and tangy Asian sauce made with tahini and cashew butter (similar to a Thai peanut sauce without peanuts)


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black bean verde purrito.jpg

Sides and Desserts

We can do large quantities of our cold side dishes as well.  These are $17 for an 80 oz portion.  Examples of the different dishes we can do are broccoli salad, southwest or pesto pasta salad, tangy quinoa salad, cucumber salad, etc. 


Our green salads can be done in the 80 oz size as well.  These are priced as follows and include 8 dressings.  Additional dressings can be purchased for $0.25 each.

Kitchen sink $26

Athens $21

Side salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, onion, cheddar) $20

You can add a dozen of our delicious chocolate chip cookies for $9


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