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Cauliflower Rice

Presko now offers cauliflower rice as a substitution for regular rice in our Purritos and bowls.  Now you can stick to your keto lifestyle while enjoying a delicious Purrito bowl!

+$0.75 to substitute rice in any menu item


The Korea Purrito

Our newest Signature Purrito is The Korea.  This Purrito is filled with shaved sirloin, kimchi, crispy carrots, fresh cucumbers, and is finished with our house made Bulgogi sauce.  The sauce is made with gluten free soy sauce, lots of garlic, toasted sesame, and has a hint of sweetness and tanginess.  



The Memphis Purrito

This Purrito is inspired by the copious amounts of barbecue that owner Megan ate over the ten years she worked for a Memphis based company.  It has rice, smoked pork loin, caramelized onions and Presko's signature Beale Street Barbecue sauce.  




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