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We offer breakfast and lunch all day


Breakfast Bowls

Quinoa and Oatmeal Bowl

Creamy steel cut oats and quinoa, whipped Greek yogurt, vanilla, mixed berry compote, and almonds. Optional agave or maple  drizzle. $6.99 

Super Food Breakfast Bowl

Quinoa pilaf with crimini mushrooms and caramelized onions, avocado, two eggs made to order $6.50 

Keto Breakfast Bowl

Three eggs cooked to order, broccoli sautéed in grass fed butter, avocado $8.00 

The Megan Breakfast

Two eggs cooked to order, roasted sweet potato, avocado $6.99 

Breakfast Purrito

 Flour tortilla stuffed with egg, cheddar cheese, choice of potatoes, sauce and Protein.
Vegetarian: we load you up with extra eggs and cheese $5.99 Sausage: $7.99, Steak: $7.99, Smoked Bavarian Pork: $7.99 Black Beans: $5.99
Choice of roasted sweet potatoes or red skinned potatoes


Breakfast Panini

The Piglet 

Rich and savory pork sausage, egg and melty cheese served on a crispy flatbread.  $7.99


Bavarian smoked pork, egg, spicy chipotle pesto, and melty cheese served on a ciabatta roll. $7.99

The Bruiser

Juicy beef roast, thinly sliced, egg, mild cheddar cheese served on an asiago bagel. $7.99

The Schmear

Succulent smoked salmon, chive cream cheese, capers, served on an asiago bagel. $10.99


Sweet Panini


Creamy Nutella and sweet bananas grilled between classic white bread. $5.00

(Not) PB+J

Creamy, rich cashew butter, and strawberry preserves between classic white bread.  $5.00

Cheesecake Panini

Your choice of strawberry or blueberry with cream cheese filling between white bread. $5.00 

  Lunch Panini

Steak and Cheese

Carved beef served with sautéed onions and mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and horseradish aioli on an asiago bagel. $9.50 

Tuna Melt

Tuna salad seasoned with smokey paprika and lemon, melty American cheese, served with lettuce, tomato on a
ciabatta roll. $8.50

The Tuscan

Roasted chicken breast, roasted red peppers, fresh basil, provolone cheese with pesto aioli, on a flatbread.  $8.00

The Cubano

Thin sliced smoked ham, smoked Bavarian roast pork, tangy pickles, onion, yellow mustard, and swiss served on a soft white roll.  $8.00

The Geneva

Smoked ham, swiss cheese, and a sherry Dijon sauce, served on a white roll.  $8.00

The Mousetrap

Classic grilled cheese, to the max.  Cheddar, American, and provolone served on classic white bread. $5.00 whole $2.50 half


Build Your Own Lunch Purrito

Jumbo flour tortilla stuffed with rice, cheese, choice of protein, sauce and add-ons

Proteins: Chicken $7.99, Steak $7.99, Smoked Bavarian Pork $7.99, Black beans $5.99, Shrimp/Ahi Tuna/Salmon $10.50

Sauces: rojo (spicy), verde (mild), Beale St. BBQ, Frank's Red Hot, Sriracha, Valentina, Sour Cream


Add diced tomato, spring mix, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onion, avocado (+$0.50), or raw onion

Substitute cauliflower rice (+$0.75)

Substitute Quinoa (+$0.50)

Substitute Daiya Vegan Cheese (+$1.50)

 Signature Purritos

Chicken Saigon

Chicken, rice, carrot, cilantro, cucumber and creamy sesame sauce  $7.99

The Proteinator

Steak, chicken, seasoned beans, and cheese served in a jumbo flour tortilla with choice of sauce (verde or rojo).  $8.99

The Bayside

Seared Ahi tuna, Salmon Filet, or shrimp with rice, spring mix, tomato, avocado, lemon aioli, served in a jumbo flour tortilla.  $10.50

The Memphis

smoked pork, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, Beale Street Barbecue sauce, served in a jumbo flour tortilla.  $7.99

The Korea

Shaved sirloin steak, kimchee cabbage, cucumber, carrot and bulgogi sauce, served in a jumbo flour tortilla.  $8.99

Any Purrito can be made as a bowl for a lower carb/calorie or gluten free option

 Lunch Bowls

Poke Bowl

Seared Ahi tuna or Salmon served over quinoa, garnished with avocado, scallion, carrot, cucumber, cilantro and soy ginger Poke sauce. $10.50

(with Chicken ($9.00))


Choice of beef, chicken, smoked pork, or black beans served with rice, cheddar cheese, avocado, spring mix and tomato. Choice of protein and sauce

Chicken $9.00, Steak $9.00, Smoked Bavarian Pork $9.00, Black beans $7.00, Shrimp/Ahi Tuna/Salmon $11.00

Sauces: rojo (spicy), verde (mild), Beale St. BBQ, Frank's Red Hot, Sriracha, Valentina, Sour Cream

Want a Purrito salad?  Just let us know and we can swap out the rice for extra spring mix!



Spring mix, cucumber, carrot, scallion, and cilantro finished with a sweet and tangy Saigon vinaigrette. $8.00

Add meat for $4.00 (Ahi Tuna, Salmon Filet or Smoked Salmon) Add Chicken for $2.00

The Athens

Crispy spring mix, diced tomato, red onion, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, and a lemony Greek vinaigrette. $7.00

Add meat for $4.00 (Ahi Tuna, Salmon Filet or Smoked Salmon) Add Chicken for $2.00

The Kitchen Sink

A bed of crispy spring mix topped with red onion, diced tomato, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, avocado, boiled egg, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, and choice of dressing (Saigon vinaigrette, lemony Greek vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, hand made ranch). $9.00

Add meat for $4.00 (Ahi Tuna, Salmon Filet or Smoked Salmon) Add Chicken for $2.00



Soups and Sides

Soup: Rich tomato, or our soup of the day small $2.50 large $4.00, quart $7.35

Add a  cold side dish to any menu item for $1.00 these change daily




Bottled Drinks

Pepsi/Diet Pepsi 24 oz $1.99
Bottled water 16oz $1.00
Sparkling ICE $1.99
Perrier sparkling mineral water $2.25
Pure Leaf iced tea (sweet or unsweetened) $1.99

LaCroix sparkling water $1.15
Juice box, $0.99 

Moody Culture Kombucha $6.25 



See our facebook page or call us for our daily smoothie flavors

Then, you can boost your smoothie with any of the following: 

chia seeds, flax seeds, ginger, greens blend, matcha green tea, hemp protein powder, and turmeric all for $0.50/each, avocado for $1.00 and chaga mushroom extract for $2.00. 

Brewed Coffee

(breakfast blend, medium roast,
dark roast) small-$1.50 medium-$1.99 large- $2.25 

We have a variety of home made flavors and dairy and non-dairy options to add to your coffee, just ask

Iced Coffee

Cold coffee with coffee iced cubes.  We can add vanilla or coconut extract, cocoa syrup, choice of sweetener and choice of milk $3.99

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