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About Presko Reserve

Presko Reserve is a luxury fine dining experience.  The intention is for these events to be a set price/set menu format where guests are required to select their menu choices upon booking.  Each event will have a unique, cohesive theme.


We are currently working on our second event, and consequently are still experimenting with the format and logistics.  At this time, each set menu is being offered for one evening.  Due to occupancy restrictions and to help with social distancing, we are currently offering a very limited number of reservations.


These events are reservation only and available for tables of two or four.  Currently, reservations for these events are offered to our Presko Reserve Mailing List Subscribers first. 



Booking Instructions

To book a table at Presko Reserve, click the link in your Presko Reserve Invitation Email.  This will bring you to an online store where you can view available tables/times. Make sure you select "pickup"  in the popup when prompted. 

Select the time and number of guests that you wish to book for and add it to your cart.  Upon adding to your cart, you will be asked to make your menu selections for each person in your party.  You can not book without selecting something.

Once you have made your selections, you will check out and pay your deposit with a credit card.  The remainder of your bill, as well as any gratuity will be paid for after you dine.  The website will prompt you to select a pickup time, but this is not relevant to your purchase.  Once you pay, you're all set.  We will see you at your reservation time! You will receive an email confirmation after you check out. 

We ask that you please try to be as punctual as possible.  We have tables scheduled to arrive strategically to help with social distancing.

If you have any questions, please call the restaurant at 814-299-7960


Presko Reserve Booking Information

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